Savings Plan

Savings and investments go hand in hand. In fact small amount of money saved magically compounds into a good lump sum amount in future which can be utilized to fulfill one’s financial goals and thus results in wealth creation for future. The earlier one starts to plan for wealth creation, the earlier and conveniently the goals of life can be met.

Why is Savings / Investments required?

1. Asset purchase needs are fulfilled

Savings and investments result in wealth creation for an individual. He can use his savings or the lump sum amount that he has created for purchasing any asset he wants and can fulfill his cherished dream.

2. Disciplined savings to curb wasteful expenditures

Insurance inculcates the habit of regular and disciplined savings, which is the key to successful long term financial planning. Pay your premiums regularly and enjoy the uninterrupted benefits of wealth insurance.

3. Tax benefits

Apart from protection and savings, wealth insurance plans also offer tax benefits as per prevailing tax laws.